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"I feel like you have given me my life back”. I’m so grateful.” “I can go find who I want to be.” ~N.M.

“those thoughts (thoughts of suicide) are quieter. I am able to control them more, I can separate them from reality.” ~J.V.

I cannot overstate the impact ketamine has had on my life.  When I came to the clinic, I had relapsed with PTSD and was suicidal.  I couldn’t care for myself on a basic level and was in the care of my family.

Coming to Mind and Mood Restoration was life changing!  From the start, Dr. Williams was knowledgeable and prompt in her communications to me.  When I arrived at the clinic, I was anxious but it quickly subsided when I discovered that she would be sitting with me throughout the entire treatment!  There is a very personalized level of care that I have not experienced before.


Being on a benzodiazepine, I was concerned about withdrawal.  I was happy to learn that Dr. Williams is experienced in overriding the blunting impact of them so I could still have all the benefits of the infusion. 

After many treatments, I am back to work and living on my own again.  Dr. Williams not only saved my life, she has had an invaluable role in making me more of myself again.

Without hesitation, I recommend Dr. Williams and this treatment for difficult to treat PTSD.  

Your happiness is worth it! ~C.A.

" I don't feel like it's a struggle to live anymore."  ~M.P.

"This treatment saved my life."   ~D.K

"This treatment saved my marriage." ~G.N.

"I feel good, "normal". ~M.H.

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